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I created INSIGHT to help businesses think differently and communicate with impact.

• How can you inspire your team to greatness?

• How do you build loyalty in your organization?

• How do you capitalize on the power of emotions--both your own and those of others--to reach your goals?


I thrive on these challenges.

The key is first to understand emotions and their great effect on your everyday life. Then, you can develop strategies to start making those emotions work for you, instead of against you. 


INSIGHT can help you get there.





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I write weekly on current topics with a focus on emotional intelligence and good communication. Through my column I've answered the following questions:

•    How can three questions immediately improve your emotional intelligence?

•    How can subtle improvements in your daily communication lead to greater success?

•    What lessons are hidden in the the way Steve Jobs ran his meetings? Or in the best TED presentations of 2015? Or in how you sign off your emails?

If these topics sound interesting to you, you'll enjoy my column: Best Practice.

Additionally, I've written for TIME and ghost-written articles and a book for a New York Times bestselling author. 


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